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UCLA - University of California, Los Angeles

Department name Join
A&O SCI join
AERO STAerospace Studies join
AFRICANAfrican Languages join
AFRKAANAfrikaans join
AFRO-AMAfro-American Studies join
AM INDAmerican Indian Studies join
AN N EAAncient Near East join
ANTHROAnthropology join
AP&TESLApplied Linguistics and Teaching Eng join
ARABICArabic join
ARCH&UDArchitecture and Urban Design join
ARMENIAArmenian join
ARTArt join
ART HISArt History join
ART&ARCArts and Architecture join
ASIA AMAsian American Studies join
ASIANAsian join
ASTRAstronomy join
BIOENGRBioengineering join
BIOL CHBiological Chemistry join
BIOMATHBiomathematics join
BIOSTATBiostatistics join
C&EECentral and East European Studies join
CH ENGRChemical Engineering join
CHEMChemistry and Biochemistry join
CHICANOChicana and Chicano Studies join
CHINChinese join
CLASSICClassics join
COM HLTCommunity Health Sciences join
COM LITComparative Literature join
COM SCIComputer Science join
COM STD join
COMM STCommunication Studies join
DENTDentistry join
DESMADesign | Media Arts join
DUTCHDutch join
E&S SCIEarth and Space Sciences join
ECONEconomics join
EDUCEducation join
EE BIOLEcology and Evolutionary Biology join
EL ENGRElectrical Engineering join
ENGCOMPEnglish Composition join
ENGLEnglish join
ENGREngineering join
ENV HLTEnvironmental Health Sciences join
ENVIRONEnvironment join
EPIDEMEpidemiology join
ESLEnglish as a Second Language join
ETHNOMUEthnomusicology join
EURO STEuropean Studies join
FILM TVFilm and Television join
FRNCHFrench join
GE CLSTGeneral Education Clusters join
GEOGGeography join
GERMANGerman join
GLBL STGlobal Studies join
GREEKGreek join
GRNTLGYGerontology join
HEBREWHebrew join
HISTHistory join
HLT SERHealth Services join
HNRSHonors Collegium join
HUM CSHuman Complex Systems join
HUM GENHuman Genetics join
INF STDInformation Studies join
INTL DVInternational Development Studies join
IRANIANIranian join
ISLAMICIslamics join
ITALIANItalian join
JAPANJapanese join
JEWISHJewish Studies join
KOREAKorean join
LATINLatin join
LBR&WSLabor and Workplace Studies join
LGBTSLesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgen join
LIFESCILife Sciences join
LINGLinguistics join
MAT SCIMaterials Science and Engineering join
MATHMathematics join
MCD BIO join
MECH&AEMechanical and Aerospace Engineering join
MEDMedicine join
MGMTManagement join
MIL SCIMilitary Science join
MIMGMicrobiology, Immunology, and Molecu join
MUS HSTMusic History join
MUSICMusic join
NAV SCINaval Science join
NEUROSCNeuroscience join
NR EASTNear Eastern Languages join
NURSINGNursing join
PHILOSPhilosophy join
PHY SCIPhysiological Science join
PHYSICSPhysics join
PHYSIOLPhysiology join
POL SCIPolitical Science join
PORTGSEPortuguese join
PSYCHPsychology join
PUB HLTPublic Health join
PUB PLCPublic Policy join
RELIGNReligion, Study of join
ROMANRomanian join
RUSSIANRussian join
S ASIANSouth Asian join
SCANDScandinavian join
SE A STSoutheast Asian Studies join
SEASIANSoutheast Asian join
SEMITICSemitics join
SLAVICSlavic join
SOC WLFSocial Welfare join
SOCIOLSociology join
SPANSpanish join
SPCH join
STATSStatistics join
THEATERTheater join
TURKICTurkic Languages join
UG-LAW join
URBN PLUrban Planning join
WLD ARTWorld Arts and Cultures join
WOM STDWomen s Studies join
YIDDSHYiddish join