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UIC - University of Illinois at Chicago

Department name Join
AASTAfrican-American Studies join
ACTGAccounting join
ADArt and Design join
AHArt History join
ANTHAnthropology join
ARABArabic join
ARCHArchitecture join
ARSTArchaeological Studies join
ASAMAsian American Studies join
ASPAcademic Skills Program join
ASSTAsian Studies join
BABusiness Administration join
BHISBiomedical & Health Info Sci join
BIOEBioengineering join
BIOSBiological Sciences join
BPSBiopharmaceutical Sciences join
BSTTBiostatistics join
BVISBiomedical Visualization join
CHEChemical Engineering join
CHEMChemistry join
CHINChinese join
CHSCCommunity Health Sciences join
CICCommittee on Inst Cooperation join
CIECurriculum, Instruction, &Eval join
CLClassics join
CMECivil & Materials Engineering join
COMMCommunication join
CRJCriminal Justice join
CSComputer Science join
CSTCatholic Studies join
DADMDental Administration join
DHDDisability & Human Development join
DISDisability Studies join
EAESEarth & Environmental Sciences join
ECEElectrical and Computer Engr join
ECONEconomics join
EDEducation join
ENGLEnglish join
ENGREngineering join
ENTREntrepreneurship join
EOHSEnvironmtl & Occuptnl Hlth Sci join
EPIDEpidemiology join
EPSYEducational Psychology join
ESLEnglish as a Second Language join
FINFinance join
FRFrench join
GCGraduate College join
GCLSGraduate College Life Sciences join
GEOGGeography join
GERGermanic Studies join
GKAGreek, Ancient join
GKMGreek, Modern join
GWSGender and Women s Studies join
HEBHebrew join
HIMHealth Information Management join
HISTHistory join
HNHuman Nutrition join
HNURHindi-Urdu join
HONHonors College join
HPAHealth Policy & Administration join
IDSInformation &Decision Sciences join
IEIndustrial Engineering join
IPHSInterdisc Public Hlth Sciences join
ITInformation Technology join
ITALItalian join
JPNJapanese join
JSTJewish Studies join
LALSLatin American &Latino Studies join
LASLiberal Arts and Sciences join
LATLatin join
LINGLinguistics join
LITHLithuanian join
MATHMathematics join
MBAMaster of Business Admin join
MCSMathematical Computer Science join
MDCHMedicinal Chemistry join
MEMechanical Engineering join
MGMTManagement join
MILSMilitary Science join
MKTGMarketing join
MLSMedical Laboratory Sciences join
MTHTMathematics Teaching join
MUSMusic join
MVSCMovement Sciences join
NASTNative American Studies join
NATSNatural Sciences join
NEUSNeuroscience join
NUASAdmin Studies in Nursing join
NUMCMaternal-Child Nursing join
NUMSMedical-Surgical Nursing join
NUPHPublic Health Nursing join
NUPSPsychiatric Nursing join
NUSCNursing Sciences join
OTOccupational Therapy join
PAPublic Administration join
PHARPharmacy join
PHILPhilosophy join
PHYSPhysics join
PMADPharmacy Administration. join
PMMPMedicinal Chem &Pharmacognosy join
PMPGPharmacognosy join
PMPRPharmacy Practice join
POLPolish join
POLSPolitical Science join
PORTPortuguese join
PSPolicy Studies join
PSCHPsychology join
PTPhysical Therapy join
RELSReligious Studies join
RUSSRussian join
SLAVSlavic & Baltic Lang & Lit join
SOCSociology join
SOCWSocial Work join
SPANSpanish join
SPEDSpecial Education join
STATStatistics join
THTRTheatre join
UPPUrban Planning and Policy join