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EMICH - Eastern Michigan University

Department name Join
AASAfrican American Studies join
ACCAccounting & Finance join
ACLAMusic and Dance join
ADBSMusic and Dance join
AFLTMusic and Dance join
AGTRMusic and Dance join
AHPRSchool of Health Sciences join
AHRNMusic and Dance join
AHRPMusic and Dance join
ANTHSociology/Anthro/Criminology join
AOBOMusic and Dance join
AORGMusic and Dance join
APNOMusic and Dance join
ARTArt join
ASTRPhysics and Astronomy join
ATHLSchool of Hlth Prom/Human Perf join
ATMSchool of Technology Studies join
ATPTMusic and Dance join
ATRBMusic and Dance join
ATTRSchool of Hlth Prom/Human Perf join
ATUBMusic and Dance join
AVCLMusic and Dance join
AVLAMusic and Dance join
AVLNMusic and Dance join
AVOCMusic and Dance join
AVTSchool of Technology Studies join
BEDUSchool of Technology Studies join
BIOLBiology join
BMMTSchool of Technology Studies join
BOTNBiology join
BTEDSchool of Technology Studies join
CADMSchool of Engineering Tech join
CAESchool of Engineering Tech join
CASIInterdiscip Arts & Sciences join
CETSchool of Engineering Tech join
CHEMChemistry join
CLRASchool of Health Sciences join
CLSCSchool of Health Sciences join
CMTSchool of Technology Studies join
CNSTSchool of Engineering Tech join
COBBusiness Administration join
COSCComputer Science join
COTColl of Technology Interdisc join
COUNLeadership & Counseling join
CRMSociology/Anthro/Criminology join
CRTWEnglish join
CSIEAcademic Affairs Division join
CTACCommunication & Theatre Arts join
CTAOCommunication & Theatre Arts join
CTARCommunication & Theatre Arts join
CTASCommunication & Theatre Arts join
CTATCommunication & Theatre Arts join
CURRTeacher Education join
DANCMusic and Dance join
DSAccounting & Finance join
DTCSchool of Health Sciences join
ECETeacher Education join
ECONEconomics join
EDLDLeadership & Counseling join
EDMDTeacher Education join
EDMTTeacher Education join
EDPSTeacher Education join
EDUCStudent Teaching join
ELECSchool of Engineering Tech join
EMSchool of Engineering Tech join
ENGLEnglish join
ESCIBiology join
ESLNForeign Lang/Bicult Studies join
ESSCGeography & Geology join
ETSchool of Engineering Tech join
FETETeacher Education join
FINAccounting & Finance join
FLANForeign Lang/Bicult Studies join
FMGTSchool of Engineering Tech join
FRNHForeign Lang/Bicult Studies join
GEOGGeography & Geology join
GERNForeign Lang/Bicult Studies join
GERTSchool of Social Work join
GHPRGeography & Geology join
GPLNGeography & Geology join
HISTHistory & Philosophy join
HLADSchool of Health Sciences join
HLEDSchool of Hlth Prom/Human Perf join
HNRSAcademic Affairs Division join
HRMSchool of Technology Studies join
IASchool of Technology Studies join
IBMarketing join
IDSchool of Technology Studies join
IDESchool of Engineering Tech join
IHHSInterdis Health & Human Serv join
IMCAcademic Affairs Division join
INDTSchool of Technology Studies join
ISComputer Information Systems join
JPNEForeign Lang/Bicult Studies join
JRNLEnglish join
LATNForeign Lang/Bicult Studies join
LAWMarketing join
LEGLSchool of Technology Studies join
LINGEnglish join
LITREnglish join
LNGEForeign Lang/Bicult Studies join
MATHMathematics join
METSchool of Engineering Tech join
MFGSchool of Engineering Tech join
MGMTManagement join
MICRBiology join
MKTGMarketing join
MSLMilitary Science & Leadership join
MUSCMusic and Dance join
NITASchool of Technology Studies join
NURSSchool of Nursing join
OCTHSchool of Health Sciences join
PCSchool of Engineering Tech join
PEGNSchool of Hlth Prom/Human Perf join
PHEDSchool of Hlth Prom/Human Perf join
PHILHistory & Philosophy join
PHYPhysics and Astronomy join
PLSCPolitical Science join
POMComputer Information Systems join
PSYPsychology join
QUALSchool of Engineering Tech join
RDNGTeacher Education join
RECRSchool of Hlth Prom/Human Perf join
SABRContinuing Education join
SCMMarketing join
SMGTSchool of Hlth Prom/Human Perf join
SOCLSociology/Anthro/Criminology join
SOFDTeacher Education join
SPCISpecial Education join
SPEISpecial Education join
SPGNSpecial Education join
SPHISpecial Education join
SPLISpecial Education join
SPMDSchool of Hlth Prom/Human Perf join
SPNHForeign Lang/Bicult Studies join
SPPISpecial Education join
SPSISpecial Education join
SPVISpecial Education join
SSCSchool of Technology Studies join
STSSchool of Technology Studies join
SWRKSchool of Social Work join
TEDUSchool of Technology Studies join
THRCSchool of Health Sciences join
TSLNForeign Lang/Bicult Studies join
UNIVUniversity - General Studies join
WGSTWomen s and Gender Studies join
WMSTWomen s Studies join
ZOOLBiology join